Equal opportunities at work


It can be quite challenging to discuss topics such as unequal opportunities, bias and discrimination. And yet it is important to work together on equal opportunities, diversity and inclusion. Not only for each individual colleague, but also for a safe working environment for all of us.



This KrsKrtĀ® facilitates your conversation. Play the printed version (print&play) or digital (project&play). No need for a facilitator or manual, ideal on a large scale. More information? Go to krskrt.com/check.

This KrsKrtĀ® is a co-creation of the Ministry of Social Affairs, FNV, SER, NBBU, TNO, Movisie, ABU, RTL, Gemeente Amsterdam, College voor de Rechten van de Mens, Achmea, GGD Regio Utrecht, DJI and De Koers.


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